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On this blog I will share with you, my personal experiences with being “a Leader”; scrum and other agile principles; thoughts about Agile vs traditional project management and other stuff related to my work as an Agile Team leader.

Since I am always looking for new input, I hope you will interact with me and the blog, by liking and commenting. Hoping to hear from you, even if you do not agree – especially if you do not agree 😉

//————– About me ————————–
I currently lead a software development team, primarily filling out the ScrumMaster role, but also coaching a ProductOwner as well as other people around the team in agile principles. I have worked with Scrum and agile principles since 2010, leading both multimedia production and software teams, some distributed across boarders and cultures.

I was certified as ScrumMaster in 2010, Scrum ProductOwner ind 2012, Certified in project management by the International Project Management Association, and further holds a diploma in multimedia design including communication and methodology for digital media.